Following a series of organizational meetings in 1992 held in Wisconsin, Virginia, and Georgia, the Council’s membership swelled to 78 companies, a gain of 56 new members, mostly from the cabbage industry.

At its Feb. 21, 1993 annual meeting held in San Deigo, Wayne Miller, director of the marketing division for the North Carolina Department of Agriculture, presented a proposal to develop a special pilot program to promote cabbage through supermarkets in the southeastern states during autumn of that year. In other major business, Ron Orr was elected president, succeeding Robert Strube Sr., who in turn, was elected chairman.

The “Cabbagesaurus” concept was created and developed by Don Young, William Small and graphic arts designers at the North Carolina Department of Agriculture in Raleigh. It was decided that the campaign should be focused on young children and that the youth of America resonated to the dinosaur culture, hence the “Cabbagesaurus….the cancer fighter”. The theme was carried out in posters, coloring pads, and brochures that were used in more than 2,500 southeastern stores.

CrusadersBased on this success, the theme was expanded to include the “Cruciferous Crusaders”, a group of five creatures dressed in baseball suits and reproduced as a set of baseball trading cards. In addition to “Cabbagesaurus” there were “Spinachraptor”, “Lettuceratops”, “Kale-o-don”, and “Broccadactyl”. During the 1994 – 1995 national campaign, posters, trading cards, and brochures were used in 3,700 supermarket stores throughout the country.

The following year, the Council created a 26-page Integrated Lesson Plan on its new web site ( on the Internet. This new program, featuring the “Cruciferous Crusaders”, was designed for primary school teachers to help them teach the nutritional value of leafy greens to their students.